The CryptoKit project aims to enhance the accessibility of Web3 protocols by using visual mapping. It includes an open source typeface that contains more than 200 pictograms of key blockchain terms.

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@ Internet Punk Cryptography ] Server d Database & Incrementation Ç Interrelation Sys. O FIAT Money y Double Spending Q Cypherpunk W Web / Cloud Hash Function D Data Register c Distributed Sys. ç Polarized Sys. C Centralized Sys. " Script î Virtual Reality Ï Avatar , Encryption w Web 1.0 v Web 2.0 V Web3 Hash R SHA-256 Ledger Protocol CBDC | Oracle Metaverse - Asymetric Crypt. Merkle Tree . Project B Blockchain < Application Exchange ' Economy X Governance k Public Key K Private Key ñ Play-to-Earn ? Satoshi Nakamoto z Whitepaper Block A Chain f Private Block. F Public Block. > dApp Smart Contract Fungible ; Non-Fungible õ Token L DEX DeFi ã DAO ï DID ¨ Address Crypto Wallet ^ Signing ` Seed s Scholarship Bitcoin a Main Chain  Sidechain Ä On-chain à Off-chain ä IPFS À Fork Ô Cryptocurrency Coin ! NFT Ñ Staking ICO q Web3 Identity Ł Web3 Wallet Multi-signature Transaction è Scalability S Scholar r Nonce É Genesis Block e Block Explorer æ Confirmation Ê Mining bitcoin Ethereum Coin Mixer Altcoin Airdrop Z Whitelist â Lightning Network Target Ë Mineable Block Reward ¿ Satoshi Ξ ether g Miner ERC-20 ERC-721 Memory Pool Transaction Fee } Hashrate : Minteable * Burn Halving ° Node G Consensus [ Mining Rig Gwei Gas Proof-of-Work Proof-of-Stake Mining Pool

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